Swimming Pool Drainage

Help Protect our Streams

The primary pollutant of concern in swimming pool water is chlorine or chloramine used as a disinfectant. This water, if discharged into the storm drain system, can be toxic to aquatic life.
  • Do not discharge chlorinated water into a street or storm drain when draining pools or fountains. If water is dechlorinated with a neutralizing chemical or by allowing chlorine to dissipate for 7-10 days (do not use the facility during this time), the water may be drained into your own yard or the stormwater system. You must test the pool water prior to discharge to ensure that chlorine is not present.
  • Federal standards also prohibit backwash water from pool and spa filters from going down the storm drain.
  • Never clean a filter in the street or near a storm drain.

Please take the proper steps before draining your pool. If you have a contractor maintain your pool, please make them aware of the City’s restriction.