Tomahawk SBC

The City’s 2022 Capital Improvement Program includes the complete restoration of the asphalt, roadbed (as needed), curbing and aesthetic elements of Tomahawk Road. In anticipation of this project, Mayor Dickey established the Tomahawk Safety, Beauty & Connectivity (Tomahawk SBC) ad hoc Committee in 2019 to work with residents and staff to assess what, if anything, could be done to enhance or improve the safety, beauty, and connectivity of Tomahawk Road. The Tomahawk SBC was comprised of ten residents, supported by City staff, and a professional engineer and police officer who provided traffic expertise and professional guidance throughout the committee process.

The Tomahawk SBC held 14 public meetings over 18 months and concluded with a recommendations report to the City Council. The City Council then held two public meetings for public comment on the Tomahawk SBC’s recommendation that were live streamed and are available to view: October 20, 2020 public meeting and October 21, 2020 public meeting. The full record of public input is available for review. Following public input, the Council elected to move forward with elements of the Tomahawk SBC’s recommendations report, including reconfiguring the intersection at Tomahawk Rd & Mission Dr., a signaled and striped crosswalk to City Hall playground, improved signage and markings at crosswalks, and widened “lanes” on both shoulders for walkers and bikers.  

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