Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) ensures that all structures within the City conform to certain minimum architectural and aesthetic standards; prevents the erection of structures that are detrimental to the stability of values of surrounding properties; makes sure structures conform to the design principles of the Comprehensive Plan; makes sure structures conform to the Design Guidelines; and promotes the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City. See Code Sections 5-146 and 5-147 in the Mission Hills Code of Ordinances for the complete required findings and factors for ARB decisions. 

All building permit applications for exterior work must be submitted to the Architectural Review Board for approval before the permit can be purchased and the work begins. If changes are made to a project previously approved by the ARB, the project changes must go back to the ARB for re-approval.

The ARB is composed of five  members who are residents of the City. The Mayor and Council give consideration to individuals who have a background in design, building construction, architecture, engineering and landscape architecture, though it is not a requirement.

See the 2024 ARB Schedule for project submittal deadlines and upcoming meeting dates.

Current Members

  • Tim Woofter, Chair

  • Stacey Winfield

  • David Gibson

  • Gail Cluen, Vice Chair

  • David Banks

  • Eden Thorne, Council Liaison


  • 3:00 p.m.

  • Every other Tuesday

  • City Hall

See the Design Guidelines that identify the historic and established patterns that make Mission Hills unique, including our incomparable greenspace, the layouts of lots of various sizes and types, and the massing and architecture of homes.  The Guidelines were adopted to preserve and conserve the essential historic design patterns of Mission Hills, and provide a framework for decision making to assist current homeowners, prospective homeowners, designers, realtors, and the Architectural Review Board.

See the appropriate ARB checklist for submittal requirements in order to be placed on an ARB agenda.
ARB Substantial Construction Projects (except new homes)
ARB - New Homes
ARB Non-Substantial Construction Projects

View ARB agendas and minutes.