Tomahawk Road Project 2021-2022

Project Overview
Tomahawk Road was identified several years ago in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for replacement in 2022. The City Council created the ad hoc Tomahawk Safety Beauty and Connectivity (SBC) Committee to generate recommendations focused on those three areas for the Council’s consideration. The ad hoc SBC committee was comprised of 10 Mission Hills residents that met 15 times over a 16-month period.  Additionally, the City Council hosted two resident feedback forums before formally considering the SBC’s recommendations.  The robustness of resident input is reflected in all aspects of this project. After much public comment,  the Council approved the following changes to the corridor (in addition to the City’s standard scope of curb, roadway and stormwater improvements): 

  1. Reduced speed limit to 25mph (this has already been put in place and now every street inside the City is 25mph).
  2. Reconfigured intersection at Tomahawk and Mission Drive by the City playground to make a much safer crossing for children and parents.
  3. New, signaled and striped crosswalks in several places along Tomahawk.
  4. Widened “lanes” on both shoulders to create additional space for walkers and bikers (even after widening of the pedestrian lanes, Tomahawk's driving lanes will still be wider than Mission Road by the Indian Hills middle school).

October 2021  – July 2022: Utilities (WaterOne, KS Gas, Google Fiber, and AT&T) replace/upgrade their infrastructure.
January 2022 – City project goes out for bid
February 14, 2022 – City Council awarded project to Langley Muhlberger Concrete Construction, Inc. (LMCC)
April 4, 2022 – City project begins
October 1, 2022 – Substantial completion of City project
November 1, 2022 – City project final completion

Traffic Control

The links below are for the traffic control in place for the City’s project.  There may be intermittent closures based on utility work that is not shown on the documents listed below.

  1. Traffic Control Update as of 4/4/2022
  2. Engineered traffic control plan for Phase I of City’s project 

Utility Work
As with all capital projects, the City coordinates with the utility companies to be sure there are no conflicts with their existing facilities. The utilities often use City capital projects as opportunities to upgrade their infrastructure. WaterOne and Kansas Gas are replacing a large portion of their systems along our Tomahawk corridor. Their systems date from the 1920s 1950s and are in need of replacement.   Google Fiber and AT&T will also relocated their facilities. 

  • Google Fiber – Beginning at the west end of Tomahawk Road at Mission Road, Google Fiber is relocating its infrastructure from the street to the greenspace behind the curb.  As of 3/14/2022 - except for restoration, Google Fiber's relocation work is complete. 
    1. They sent this letter to affected residents: see attached.
    2. In addition to the letter, crews will leave a door hanger/placard at each address where they are completing work. 
    3. For Google Fiber construction-related questions or concerns, including restoration and repair matters, please call our 24/7 construction line, 1-877-454-6959. 
    4. For information related to internet service, please contact Google Fiber at 844-36-FIBER or visit
  • Other Utilities – No other utilities have indicated they will be working on their facilities prior to or during the City’s project.  There could, however, be limited instances where they are on-site.


4/4/22 – Traffic Control Update: WaterOne has Tomahawk Road closed intermittently west of Belinder.  The City's project includes a complete closure of Tomahawk Road at Mission Road. There is traffic control in place for this.

3/18/22- Start date for the City's street & stormwater work is Monday, April 4, will begin at Mission Road and work east. Intermittent road closures from April to October, please consider using alternative route.