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Nov 03

Public Safety Update - 11/4 Coffee with a Cop, October Shooting Update, Sign-Up for Notify JoCo

Posted on November 3, 2021 at 8:53 PM by David Dickey

Fellow Residents:

Because it is time sensitive, I want to remind everyone that our next Coffee with a Cop is tomorrow (Thursday, 11/4) from 8-10am.  Chief Roberson and several members of his command staff will be there to talk, answer questions and get to know you!  Please stop by the Verona Columns if you can.

Secondly, the investigation into the shooting incident on October 4th continues aggressively.  Captain Sullivan updated Council today in our City Safety Summit, but please know that warrants, subpoenas and other investigative work continues with vigor.  

As noted above, we held a City Safety Summit today.  Attendees included:

    The full Council

    Police Chief Roberson and his command staff

    Fire Chief Chick and his deputy chief

    Mission Hills City Administrator Jennifer Lee and Assistant City Administrator Justin Carroll

    Crime & Safety Committee Chair Tim McQuaid

We reviewed every major area of public safety that could impact our City – shootings, tornados, fires, floods, and more.  We are planning a more comprehensive letter to all residents, but the quick summary is that we have exceptional support from the police, fire department and our staff.  And importantly, they have deep, robust relationships with all regional and national agencies to provide additional resources should the need arise.

Finally, and I will elaborate on this more in the aforementioned letter, Notify JoCo is the BEST way to stay informed on public safety.  If you have not, please sign up at this link:

If you have signed up, remember that you can change your preferences on which notifications you receive at any time (public safety, general messages, waste collection, etc.).  You are in control of what you receive.  I encourage you to sign up!

Finally, as I said in this month's newsletter, if you see something, call.  The non-emergency dispatch number is 913-642-5151.  We have the resources to respond to almost all calls, so if something just does not feel right, call it in.

Thank you for the continued feedback.  As always, do not hesitate to reach out to the PV police (see number above), City Hall - 913-362-9620 or email - , or me directly at 

Thanks again!