NotifyJoCo Emergency Notification System

NotifyJoCo is a free public notification system, made possible by a partnership of local governments and public utilities in Johnson County, designed to keep Johnson County residents and businesses informed of emergencies. For those residents that register for it, Mission Hills will also use the service to disseminate non-emergency community alerts, such as: street closures, citywide event reminders, trash reminders, and crime and safety alerts. These community alerts will replace the reminder postcards currently sent, saving your tax dollars.

Using contact information registered by you or your family, public officials will notify you by phone, email, or text of emergencies affecting your preferred location(s). If you do not register for NotifyJoCo, local officials will still attempt to contact you through NotifyJoCo using publicly available contact information when an emergency affects your area. The accuracy of this publicly available data cannot be guaranteed which is why it is important that you register (or “sign-up”) for NotifyJoCo by providing your contact information and customizing your contact preferences.

Sign-up online by going to If you do not have computer access, call 913-826-5555 for assistance with registration. NotifyJoCo data is secure and private, used only by local public officials for purposes described.

Notify JoCo