Board of Zoning Appeals


The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) exists to hear all appeals or consider any matters referred to it under the Zoning Regulations or pursuant to any other ordinance. The following matters may be appealed to the BZA:
  • Appeal requesting variance from Zoning Regulations
  • Appeal requesting exception from Zoning Regulations
  • Appeal regarding a decision of the ARB, the City Administrator, City Clerk or other officer administering the provision of the Zoning Regulations or Building Code

K.S.A. 12-759 requires that the BZA must find that five conditions exist before granting a variance. These five conditions are found in the Code of Ordinances Section 5-157 and can be read here.

The BZA is composed of five (5) members who are residents of the City and are appointed to three-year terms. The BZA meets once monthly, as needed. Appeals to the Board of Zoning Appeals must be filed in writing, setting forth the grounds for the appeal and identifying the person(s) filing the appeal. Each appeal must be accompanied by a fee of $25.00 to cover the costs of publication.

Appeals must be filed with the City Clerk within thirty (30) days of the denial of the permit requested or within thirty (30) days of the decision at issue. Anyone wishing to appeal a decision of the BZA may bring an action in the District Court of Johnson County, Kansas.


  • Mary Jane Barnes
  • Bob Spake
  • Peter Levy
  • Casey Halsey
  • Judy Moore
  • Braden Perry, Council Liaison 


The board meets once monthly at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall, unless there are no matters to be heard. Meetings are typically scheduled only one month in advance.